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EDU Leads

Education Ernrollment Leads   

Utilizing our proprietary technology, expertise, experience and good ole fashion common sense on-line, inbound and outbound marketing, our sole focus is providing you with, week in and week out, consistent and reliable Education Enrollment Leads with the pricing you want for the ROI you need.

ApexDM is the consistent and qualified EDU Lead provider that is dedicated to providing you and your client with the highest quality of exclusive EDU Leads in the industry. With our publishers experience and proven EDU Lead generation techniques via PPC, SEO, SEM, Mobile, Banner Ads and E-mail compliant marketing we can dramatically jump start your marketing and sales efforts.

Add in ApexDM’s top quality customer service and support and you’ll have everything needed to achieve the highest return on your investments.

All of our Education Enrollment Leads are of the highest quality and 100% conversional. We do not engage in activities like spam, non compliant e-mail blasts, sweepstakes, incentives or other gimmicks.

  • TCPA Compliant
  • All EDU Leads are Generated via Organic and Paid Search Advertising
  • No Incentivized or Co-Registration Marketing.  All leads are Self Reported and Opt-In
  • Accept or Reject Real-time EDU Leads Available
  • Daily or Weekly Batch Call Center EDU Leads Available
  • Aged Call Center Edu Leads Available
Our EDU Leads are generated only from consumers who are actively looking to be contacted to further their education and or job skills.  We believe in long term business relationships with all our clients and our goal is to help you grow your business with our education lead generation & marketing services.

Enroll more of the students you need today. Our approach is the most reliable way of achieving your call center and clients objectives. By using the most relevant content and quality media channels, our publishers generate focused marketing campaigns targeting interested students as well as their families and friends.

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EDU Lead Quality

The focus of most folks in the EDU lead generation space is, by far, lead quality.  Lead flow is paramount to the for-profit education firms due to the fact they are often also large direct marketing organizations.  EDU leads vary from firm to firm and even within the multiple feeds of those firms not all leads perform the same.  Knowing ahead of time which lead generation paths produce the best ROI will serve you well in budgeting for you EDU lead campaigns.

Sources for leads (in order of conversion):

  1. Organic Search (SEO)
  2. Paid Search (PPC, SEM, Banner Ads)
  3. Related Affiliate
  4. Call Center/Telemarketing
  5. Education Sections
  6. Email generated
  7. Co-Registration

EDU Lead Pricing

We get asked every day what the market rate is for quality EDU leads.  The truth is, they’re worth what a school, call center or email marketer is willing to pay based on past and current conversions.  There isn’t a fixed price as different publishers and different lead feeds vary in quality and quantity.  The EDU industry is constantly changing and morphing as well as the big players.  The EDU Lead market is a competitive and ever growing vertical and if you’re not looking ahead to what’s next for EDU lead generation you’re handicapping yourself for future success.

Continuous improvements in the marketing process have led to increased conversion rates.  Several online schools have seen their leads convert by almost double in the past few years alone and many folks like us strongly believe there will be even more improvements made resulting in even better conversion rates. 

Making sure the price you’re paying for your EDU leads is in-line takes the integration of vendor management systems and your CRM system.  Taking the time to make sure your tracking activities like appointments, interviews, enrollments, starts and graduates tied to the leads and vendors providing the leads, you can confidently manage the payout per lead based on it’s true and actual value.

Don’t hesitate to let your vendors know that they will be judged based on conversions, it's appreciated.  Constructive feed back is good for all parties.  You can make changes to your cost per lead predicated on actual value monthly or venture into slightly more aggressive performance based relationships.  One more thing, as you zero in on you top performing vendors and their feeds don't be afraid of offering them a higher CPL for additional lead volume.  You'll thank yourself later for doing it. 

EDU Lead Gen News Update:

According to the results from the 2012 Education Advertising and Marketing survey, the majority of EDU Call Centers and schools are still not happy with the level of transparency in their lead generation efforts. For years schools have been seeking additional transparency from their lead providers. Now add in the additional scrutinize, compliance concerns & potential penalties that the regulations bring with them and you have a stronger push for transparency. The issue is one of managing increased tensions between lead aggregators and schools.

Many lead aggregators simply refuse to identify all sources for their leads, reasons like it’s a competitive advantage, fear of losing affiliates, circumvention, inability to determine true source of the data etc. Schools want to insure compliance in advertising, they want to make sure their brands & programs are represented correctly and want to avoid common tricks & tactics like incentives, co-registrations, call centers, up-selling, second & third chance leads, bogus scholarships etc. While clearly there are good players and bad players, what many have in common is a general unwillingness or inability to be completely transparent of all of their lead sources.

What are schools to do? Some have started to utilize compliance monitoring solutions, some have pulled back their lead buying and are seeking to generate more via their own efforts, others utilize proven lead & vendor management solution providers and “trusted form options”

It’s important to know the finer details about the many lead providers in the Education market.  Some quality lead providers can be trusted and are a must, others need to be whittled down in order to skim the cream from the top, and still others need to be avoided all together. Ask around about ApexDM’s EDU Leads with your peers, share the good & the bad with each other, all will benefit!

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